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Crowd agent transition issue 2019年7月15日11:21


I have a question about agent transitions. Right now it seems that agents will not accept a triggered activation if they are currently in a transition state. In my example attached the agents start running at frame 5 and should stop running any frame after 15. They won't stop until after transition 1 is complete. Is there a way to interrupt a transitions state blend to transition to another state without setting state transition duration to 0?


Accessing Agentshapename without stylesheets and unpacking 2019年7月10日17:07

It looks like you can access it using these two vop nodes

agentlayershapes and agentlayername

Houdini Agent bounding box 2019年7月10日16:37

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if there is a way to view and change or scale an agents bounding box. I'm noticing that the object bounds crowd trigger only triggers if the agents point on the ground is within the bounds. Better yet is there a way to trigger the object bounds when the agents collision layer is inside?