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Ca't install Houdini on my mac 2016年2月14日13:01

Yep done that 3 times now, still the same. Also the same with the latest build.

Ca't install Houdini on my mac 2016年2月14日10:10

Hi I've just downloaded the latest version of houdini apprentice, and also the latest build. And the dmg file wont mount.
It tells me that the image not recognized. Any one have any solutions, or the same problem?

How do i make melting liquid bounce? 2016年2月11日9:24

Hi I'm completely new here. So my questions might sound really basic or stupid.

I'm trying to make an rigid object fall to the ground and the melt afterwards. like a piece of chocolate hitting a frying pan and then it starts to melt.
So getting it to hit the ground and start melting is super easy. But getting it to bounce just before it starts melting is impossible.
I've turned on ‘use friction and bounce’ in the FLIP solver and added bounce in the physical tab in FLIP Object.
What am i missing here?