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New imac 5k, macbook pro and houdini 2015年12月27日15:05


Actually i want to upgrade my computer to do my personal projects in houdini.

So i have 3 options.

Actually i have this workstation:

i7 3770k
32gb ram ddr3 1600
gtx 680

And i want upgrade to this:

Imac retina 5k i7 4ghz, 32gb ram, and amd m395

Or stay with my machine for simulation and render and buy this macbook pro:

i7 2,6ghz, 16gb ram and amd m370

Or finally buy another windows workstation by components (probably the best choice) with i7 6700k, 64gb ram, gtx 980 etc….

But i have a bigger discount buying a mac product so i'm thinking in buy a imac or macbook pro; but when i go to this link: []

i cant see the support of houdini to the new amd graphics cards of the macs. Houdini works in the new macs? or we have to wait to new updates.