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FBX import 2020年7月8日11:34

Hi All !

I have a problem with importing photogrammetry fbx models into indie. The FBX file has 4 materials /textures attached , it came from Agisoft.
My problem is that I have used the file node to read the model and did a few transformations /tweaks on it , but I have relalized the file node does not import the materials but can be seen in the viewport. So I have used the labs fbx_import_archive and it has a totally different transformation than the other , I would expect to get exactly the same result as from file.
If I use import/filmbox_fbx it has the same orientation as the file one but no shaders still. Could someone tell me please how can I get materials ? I have made lots of tweaks on the model and my intention was transfering the textures onto a cleaned up model.

Cheers !

Houdni engine problem with UE4 2020年6月17日11:09

Hi dpernuit

It seems the problem has solved itself , I had to run a Houdini engine debugger and after that I have the license ! Sorry for the late reply !


Labs Attribute Value Replace question 2020年6月17日11:06

Hi All!

I`m quite new in houdini and I have a question.
I was tried to use the new Labs Attribute Value Replace node and I have realized its only work with the name attribute.
Is there a way to make it work with any other attributes ? I was tried to use it for generating variations for a tile inside UE4.
If I change the attribute name to lets say Vground , and my Vground attribute has numbers from 0-4 it does not replacing the values , just renaming my Vground attribute and keeping the numbers.

Could someone help me please?