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Exporting empty frames to alembic and path attribute 2019年10月11日11:05

Hi there,
We are in a situation where our artists have to export their effects to a single alembic file with ‘build hierarchy from path’ checked. Sometimes the shot frame range can be longer than their simulation is and it means they will have to set their export frame range to custom to avoid an error message because no primitive has been found at frame x.
A quick workaround I found for that is adding single primitive with a scale of zero if no primitive is found but I really don't like that solution, it seems a bit clunky.

Is there any other solution that would be more clean ?


Caching a DOPnet fails ? 2019年4月5日11:04

This worked, thanks. Looking forward to more tutorials about pdg !

Caching a DOPnet fails ? 2019年4月5日5:16

Probably a stupid question but I can't find an answer anywhere. I'm trying to use PDG to filecache a dop network. When I cook the RopGeometryOutput it fails probably because the node tries to cache the frames in random order.
I've attached a realy simple example with a pyro.

Thanks !