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I'm a game programmer primarily. But I do all kinds of 3D stuff 30% of the time (models, textures, rigs, animations)


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Shooting (Spawning FX and geo) 2019年1月29日18:33


I was thinking about way to create shooting inside houdini
What I mean by shooting is spawning bullet, spawning muzzle flash and some presimulated smoke.

How I imagine I would control it: some animated parameter set to 1 at frames when it need to shoot.
But inside houdini everything is recalculated each frame, so it's not that straight-forward.

For bullets I can use particles and there is a way to spawn them and having them alive at next frames.

But what about flash and smoke? may be I could use different particle system for that, just spawn one and animate effect using particle age?

What is the common way?

Switching animation meshes 2018年12月13日10:05


Switching animation meshes 2018年12月9日9:14


For example I have this animation: []

And I want to have ability to change Eyes shape to something else:

For example I want to have 12 of those`emotions`

Constraint: you need to be able to export it to game engine

Approach I think about right now:
We can attach each mesh to it's own bone and change scale with constant keyframe blend mode.
That way we scale CircleEyeBone to 0 AND scale ArrowEyeBone to 1.

Question 1: how can I efficiently represent it in controls in the scene view? For example some slider would be great.
Question 2: how would you solve that problem?