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Learning from old tutorials 2020年12月12日5:20

Hey! thank you very much for the response! I will be looking forward to watching your videos. The truth is that I have been following a course from udemy and it has taken away (most of) my fear of houdini. That said, I'll get right on it with your videos. Thanks a lot!

Learning from old tutorials 2020年12月5日6:42

Hello there! I am new to houdini and watching tutorials that everyone recommends, I see that they use version 16.5 mostly. Since the apprentice version is limited to using the latest version, how difficult will it be to follow those tutorials for an absolute beginner like me? I have always been afraid to learn this program because of its reputation for being difficult, but lately I have thought that procedural modeling would make my life much easier, and before I buy an indie version, I would like to learn the basics perfectly. What happens is that I am afraid of not being able to follow the tutorials correctly because of this difference in versions. I hope to learn a lot, and that in the future I can be of help to people in my situation right now!