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Dumping small doc "errors" 2021年11月17日8:50

Link: []
Description: This seems to be an obvious miss: "Copy the Seq_Animation LOP, paste it and append to the Seq_Animation LOP."

Ignore Houdini Packages at launch? 2021年11月16日10:47

Hello Mabelzile,
Thanks a lot for your answer, I have no idea how or where to use HOUDINI_PACKAGE_SKIP, can you tell me where to use it please?
I don't see any option in the doc for launching it through commandline []

Ignore Houdini Packages at launch? 2021年11月16日4:22

Hello everyone,
I am doing some pipeline for our small company. We are using packages that are on a shared network drive to use plugins, which is super cool.
From time to time, I encounter an issue and would like to see if the issue still exists without any plugins.
The package folder is shared to everyone who launches Houdini through a windows env var.
Would there be a way (like an argument maybe) to launch Houdini without any packages? Something like "pathToHoudini.exe -nopackages" ?

I also tried to setup a variable in houdini.env called "ignorePackages" set to 1, and tried to catch it in my package but it does not seem to work
"enable": {"ignorePackages== 'true'":false},
Does anybody have any idea on how to do this, please?