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Advice needed on how to improve this scene. 2018年1月12日18:24

I think some more control over the lighting and maybe even adding an environmental texture to the lighting or the atmosphere. Personally its way to bright like there is no things that would alter or slightly shift the quality of such pure light.

I'd personally think some more shading, shadows and mist heavy in the area would top this to be fine. Its impressive most of all. Because the lighting is do strong I cant even see much to any textures on the objects in this nature seen. All I see are different colors and no real depth of detailing, texture or gloss.

I'd personally add some wet glossiness to the rocks, maybe darker soil or plants being so closed to a strong moving body of water. But besides that in a basket everything else looks might fine and dandy.

Gorilla Fur and Cloth Simulation 2018年1月12日18:14

Bloody nice stuff there, now thats a damn good model and get up of design and character planning. Im a bit curious on the colors of the hair, seems for diverse then the simple glossy black and gray I'm used to seeing. I'm not complaining, it works and spreads a bit more life into the model.

Error codes in Houdini Apprentice 2017年12月18日18:27

I'm working on some character retopology (almost done ahaha) but Houdini ver.16 keeps crashing on me and giving me error codes as I work along more and more. Is anyone having the same issues in Houdini Apprentice?

Its getting super bad that even trying to create a single square of geometry crashes the whole thing down. I have a ton of ram for my Desktop build but I think something wonky is in the systems programming. My model is not to complex and isn't super dense with geometry but I would say it is modern verts wise.

Any ideas or comments?