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Pushing flip fluid up through a hole 2023年5月30日2:53

Hello, this should work:
Amazing, it works!

So you just added a trail before the collider and set it to compute velocity to get it to work?

Was it missing the directional velocity from the collider?


Flip fluid falling through moving collider 2023年5月26日6:37

Hi guys,

I have an animated pitcher shot at work, that I am trying have hold water, and then pour into a cup.

Even with high substeps the water particles fall through the collider when it moves.
I recreated a similar scene at home and uploaded here in the hopes that someone can help me solve this.

Basically the water is spilling out when the container is translated, and if I increase the substebs a lot on the dopnet1 node, then the water just compresses.

Is there a cleaver workaround?

Pushing flip fluid up through a hole 2023年5月26日6:32

Hi guys,

I was trying to do what seems like a very basic thing, but failed miserably at it.

I have a scene with flip fluid in a hole, and I am translating a cube collider up from the bottom, to push the water out of the hole.

What happens though, is that the water just compresses and the water is not pushed out.

I would be super happy to know what I am doing wrong, is there a setting that I am missing?

I attatched the hipnc file and a screenshot.