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detangle sop previous position 2022年11月29日15:35


detangle sop previous position 2022年11月29日12:28


Question about the detangle sop and specifically the previous position. The docs say:

"The incoming P attribute is considered the new deformed version of the geometry. The Previous Position attribute stores the undeformed version which is assumed to be collision free."

Does it mean free from collisions with a collision object that you might use, or does that extend to also mean that plus free from self collisions (self intersecting)? I watched the video from Jeff's top 10 features from houdini 17. The way he worded it made it sound like it was free from collisions with collider, not self collisions. Also the last example he provided with the detangle sop with the "intestine" wires a self collision free previous position was not provided. He just used the regular position that had self intersecting lines.
It seems like it just means collision free with colliders, but just making sure.


vector displacement materialx 2022年8月28日23:44

As I mentioned since your grid and UVs are aligned with world space you should be able to find matching tangent space just by shuffling the axes

Did you try what I mentioned?
If it didn't work it may be different axes/directions but should be easy to find match

It was more off than my default settings of xzy. Everything I do is close, but nothing is perfect. It should be good enough,however.