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What holds yourself/studio from adopting Houdini more? 2022年4月5日10:35

Quick backstory for relevancy - I'm mostly a 3D motion designer that moved over from C4D about 5 years ago. I'm using Houdini probably in less common VFX ways than most, but I believe there is a huge potential to grab people from the C4D market if done right.

1. A lot of us motion designers are freelancers. The indie pricing is great, but it makes it so freaking hard to work with studios and because of that, studios and freelancers often stick to C4D despite wanting to move to Houdini. I understand the reasoning behind hiplc, but studios want full hip files. I'm now on the hiring side and when we have to bring in a freelancer and rent a node for a month, get them squared away with licensing, etc. etc. it can be a couple days of downtime for them. If they could work in Indie and hand over full hips, that'd save us having to rent seats and deal with this downtime.

2. The indie pricing for freelancers is great but it caps out way to early. Here in the states it can be relatively easy to break $100K gross and even easier to work with clients that make over $1M or whatever the limit is. IMO the cap should be $250K-$500k before they need to go up to a non-indie license and no cap with whomever they work with.

3. Hard to shake stigma of being a difficult program. There are so many reasons why motion designers should be using Houdini over C4D or other software. However, despite easier and easier tools being introduced every year, people seem to think Houdini is just for VFX and extremely hard to learn. There really needs to be some effort towards having motion design ambassadors (like Maxon does) for Houdini and showing the power, stability and workflow tools that make it a much better choice.

Day 3 | Elements: Water 2020年7月3日20:50

My water. Meh.

Day 2 | Elements: Wind 2020年7月2日20:15

Going to just have to submit it as is. Got about 100 frames left but won't be done in time. []