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Emission by attribute 2013年8月11日18:48

“But, is it possible to do it only in one dopnet ? ”
Sure, I don't see why not. I prefer to split “sometimes” into different DOP networks if I know I can sim one differently than the other (Sometimes you require both at the same time). This way I can write the first DOP and then write the second. But this is really my personal way of working.

“How can fluid and smoke can interact with each other when we have two dopnet ?”
In this case, what's happening, Pyro is looking at the source for velocity. Since we have FLIP particles with the vel attribute, it will be taken as your initial velocity in DOPs… ain't that cool!! Now you can add the mesh of your FLIP as a collision obj for your smoke.

Again in that case it doesn't matter if you need one or 2 DOP networks… it's a matter of preferences I guess!

Too bad that glass doesn't emit smoke while melting… I'm sure it's extremely hot at that point!! lol…
You can always add a little smoke coming from the droplets or the liquid inside evaporating ??

Jeff's links are really interesting!! tempting me on melting some geometry!!

glad to help!

Emission by attribute 2013年8月9日14:53

Hey Lewul,

It feels like your doing some lava if I'm correct!??

Here is a little scene that I set up for you quickly! there might be other ways to do it but this a simple one.

Hope it helps!!

Pyro Flame alpha matte problem 2013年8月7日10:42

ohhh!! This is not what you should see!
I'll report that as a bug since I got the same result.
But this is the way to go!

A quick fix, dive in your pyro shader (allow editing of the shader fisrt).
-you will see the on the top of your node tree the 4 export variables.
-add a parameter node and set the name to heat
-connect it to the export_fire_mask input!

This should get you the fire mask properly!