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Houdini Game Dev Tools - Auto UV
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Recent Forum Posts

Vertex Animation Shader - Unreal 4.20.1 for iOS 11.4.1 2018年8月17日16:12

Yeah.. that's odd, you might want to post on Unreal's forums if you haven't already. I'm not familiar enough with mobile ue4 to point you in the right direction. Sorry about that

Baking with simple baker and Cage object - please help. 2018年8月16日13:57

Fixed a bug on the games baker and simple baker, they weren't respecting the cage properly. If you get tomorrow's daily game development toolset (should be 1.36) it will have the fix for you.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention

Baking with simple baker and Cage object - please help. 2018年8月16日12:04

Hey Pavel,

Something to play with before resulting to the cage is the Ray Bias setting. Usually that helps with the projections.