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Technical Director
United States


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Houdini 16 Games Tools Updates
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Houdini 16 Game Shelf
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Houdini 16 Game Shelf Tools
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Unreal Livestream | Houdini Game Tools
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Automated Photogrammetry To Game Res Pipeline
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Game Development Tips and Tricks


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KineFX for Games
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Quick Tip : Getting Started with the HDK
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SideFX Labs | Exoside QuadRemesher
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SideFX Labs | RizomUV Bridge
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SideFX Labs | Substance プラグイン
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Game Development Toolset 概要

Recent Forum Posts

Day 10 | Motion: Slow-mo 2020年7月10日21:06

Quickie one today to not lose the momentum, using the Labs Retime for an easy slowmo effect

Day 9 | Motion: Growth 2020年7月9日20:22

Really basic one today to keep the momentum going.

Day 8 | Motion: Falling 2020年7月8日17:13

Back to building tools!

Day 8 entry is a basic SOP solver for Water drops, starting to play around with the idea of DOP like SOP Solvers that operate on points as the currency.