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Houdini Game Dev Tools - プロシージャルなエッジループ/ グループ拡大/ 縮小
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Houdini Game Dev Tools - Auto UV
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OSM Importer
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Recent Forum Posts

Flowmap Guide SOP issues with subdivision 2018年2月21日16:59

Hey there,

Thanks for using the tools! However you are using some quite out of date tools, if you're on Houdini 16.5 you can use the shelf to download the tools.

The Comb is based on point numbers, so that's why subdivision will break it, the Flowmap guide should work throughout the subdivision process though

Game Toolset Button not working under 16.5.378 2018年2月12日12:13

Hmmm your computer is timing out.

Could you do a quick test for me?

Edit the Update Toolset button, switch to the script tab and change the url from a https to http.

That's a fix we're experimenting with


Game Toolset Button not working under 16.5.378 2018年2月12日9:55

Alright, so it's possible that you have an older version of the games tools lying around causing trouble.

In your Documents/Houdini16.5 folder, delete gamedevtoolset.json and make sure your houdini.env doesn't have any references to the gamedev stuff.

Restart Houdini and try the Update Button again

Let me know if that fixes you