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SideFX Labs Updates 2020年6月16日14:34

11 Jun 2020
New Tools
  • 1.157 (18.0.492) Added Group by Measure .This tool will feature a lot of options to group geometry based on measured properties. Currently limited to Eccentricity (squaredness) of primitives.
  • 1.157 (18.0.492) Added HF Combine Masks. This tool allows you to very easily do some layering logic to create useful masks. Ex: Create a new layer that is everything except grass layer, water layer, tree layer with a simple multiparm. No need to create multiple HF Layer nodes anymore.

  • 1.159 (18.0.494) Added Unreal content plugin for 4.24
  • 1.158 (18.0.493) RBD Fracture, Simple RBD, RBD Solver, RBD Director are now DEPRECATED. All functionality of these nodes has been implemented into the new RBD Material Fracture nodes and others, and are therefore no longer needed. As usual, nodes are hidden for backwards compatability but will be removed in future updates.
  • 1.158 (18.0.493) VoxelMesh will now throw a warning if you feed it open geometry
  • 1.158 (18.0.493) Niagara Interpolate is now DEPRECATED, and therefore hidden. It is still part of the toolset and work with existing files to be backward compatible, but will be removed in the future.
  • 1.157 (18.0.492) Major update to Vertex Animation Textures ROP including a Unity package with shadergraph materials for URP and a content plugin for Unreal. Please refer to the node's documentation for more details.

Bug Fixes
  • 1.157 (18.0.492) Fixed a regression in Gaea Tor Processor that would cause changes to the parm interface to not recook the graph.

Labs' Substance Archive COP Fatal Error 2020年5月13日8:20

I'll take a look, can you submit a bug?

SideFX Labs - RizomUV Bridge 2020年3月12日18:24

Hey everyone.

Sorry for the silence. I've been out of the office for the best part of the month.

I'm aware of the Linux bridge not working as expected and I'll get on that ASAP. Hoping as early as next week.

I'll report back here when its working