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lossless compression on rendervar with dwaa 2022年3月23日6:38

I tested out your scene and I think it comes down to the "Override Output Image" being set on the usdrender node - which will override the path for both renderproducts so they do both get written to disc, but the latter overwrites the former.
If I leave that parameter blank and instead set the path on the renderproducts I get both outputs. However - like in your screenshot above - the crypto passes are bugged in nuke.

relative <--> absolute asset paths 2022年3月8日11:29

Ah great, thanks!

Last question: in the documentation I read that there might not always be a resolved asset path ( - is that a possibility in Houdini/Solaris as well or just when writing usd code yourself?

relative <--> absolute asset paths 2022年3月8日6:22

I attached an example, which contains 2 asset setups:
assetA.usd is created in /x/y/z/assetA on disc. It has a texture that lives in /x/y/z/assetA/tx/dif1.exr. In the material setup I reference this texture file as an absolute path, however when I write the usd file of assetA the output processor by default turns that into a relative path --> ./tx/dif1.exr. When I sublayer this assetA.usd into a new houdini scene the texture path I see in the scene graph detail pane is the relative one "./tx/dif1.exr".

Now however, in this new houdini scene, I create a second asset, assetB. With the help of a scripted tool I want to load any existing asset (assetA) and grab the texture from there. So my python script looks at the parameter "input:file" on the shader prim and from the assetA material and there reads the value "./tx/dif1.exr" - however now if I put this as is directly on my assetB shader it does not resolve correctly anymore.

zip file attached contains two subfolders for assetA and assetB. If you only open assetB.hip you'll see the problem.