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RDB solver and animation 2019年3月8日22:02

Hi all,

I have a very simple test scene where I want to have a rotating box to be affected by dynamics. It almost works except the fact that the pivot for rotation doesn't get updated during the simulation. Do I need to constrain it in some way?
I know that this is a very simple setup but I have major troubles setting this up.
How can I solve this?
I have attached the file.

Best regards,

Vellum and animations 2019年3月4日17:26

Thank you sir - I will try this out.
A while later…
works like a charm.
Thank you for your help.
I really appreciate this.

Vellum and animations 2019年3月4日17:19

Just one thing that I noticed - I tried to change the “thickness” attribute and when I set it to the values bigger than 0.01, for example 0.03 the noodles start to intersect and when I turn on Visualizer I can see that the 0.03 thickness is present only in the frame 0, and in frame 1 it goes back to the original one (0.01)and stays this way.
Should there also be some extra geometry wrangle in the solver taking care of the thickness?