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QuadRemesher Lab Tool in a for each loop 2021年7月26日15:19

Hi, is this still an issue?
Jose, where in the quadremesher node can you insert the metadata iteration number in Houdini?

Isn't it time for some Houdini 18.5 action soon? 2020年9月28日3:29

I believe they already gave a hint about KineFX in the previous release 18 talk.
When discussing the automatically (FX) placement of objects in LOPS they said
We will implement similar technologies in other areas of Houdini as well. Character related areas.

new RETIME node flickering issue FLIP cache 2019年6月12日3:31

In the FLIP solver node in the “particle motion” tab (in the behaviour panel) , you need to turn on ‘particle ID’. The retime node uses that in order to manage the retiming of FLIP particles. Then it should work without flickering.