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How to paint weight on Blendshape? 2017年3月16日2:49

The ID attribute is only there to match points from the incoming shapes. It doesn't help with the painting.

I too miss an option for supplying a ‘mask’ on the blend shape SOP. I guess it's a good time to file an RFE.
In the meantime please have a look at the attached file. I hope it helps.

Your attached hip file does what i needed! Thanks!

How to paint weight on Blendshape? 2017年3月13日13:39

Say I have a skinny man and a muscular man, both same topology. I want to make the arm of skinny man become muscular hand, so i select only the points on arm(until shoulder) and apply blendshape. Now comes the problem where the shoulder surface is not in smooth transition.

So how can I paint the weight for blendshape like in maya? I tried add a paint sop, and selected Color(Cd) under blendshape's “point Id attribute”, but not working.

Stream alembic via houdini engine? 2017年2月24日15:13

Im doing non-realtime animation rendering with ue4, with its new sequencer.

I tried import an .otl asset file with alembic sop, into ue4, ue4 loaded the geometry, but static without animation. Before I dive deeper into learning it, I would like to know if its is possible to stream alembic via houdini engine and rendering out with sequencer? Has anyone done it before?

(ue4.13 does support alembic, but its not really streaming, its just convert into morph target for every frame. For simple short animation its workable, but more complex long animated mesh will definitely crash ue4)