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Solaris renders in Viewport but doesn't in ROP 2023年3月12日16:24

Just to do a quick coment: i had the same issue with usd render ROP rendering to disk and it was the "Layer Save Path", i left it blank and everything worked fine.

Megascans textures in Solaris (Karma) 2022年11月2日2:10

I was talking about surface textures and turns out you can just import them and use it on the fly, but to use it in xpu you have to convert to mtlx. Anyways thanks a lot for the reply and its great to know that there is an asset lop. That was realy usefull! 😃

Megascans textures in Solaris (Karma) 2022年10月21日21:55

Hi guys, is it possible to use megascans surface textures with the karma renderer in houdini 19.5? In case the answer is "yes" is the workflow the same as mantra?