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Houdini 16.0. Engine to UE4 4.18.2 supported ? 2018年2月4日7:48

This is Brilliant i just installed it!
By the way i guess i should make a bug report but while i am here i should say that when in a dual screen setting on a retina mac i notice 3 things.
1 I cannot move the application from the retina screen to the normal DPI one without manually readjusting the resolution of the interface in references.
2 When the app is in the Low resolution monitor and when i press tab in the viewport the list is not populated correctly. like the attached image

3 If the Screen arrangement is one on top of the other then the tab menu appears on the same monitor, in all other arrangements the tab menu appears in the retina monitor.
I am on a MacBook Pro Retina 15" with AMD GPU and OSX 10.13.2
Many Thanks

Houdini 16.0. Engine to UE4 4.18.2 supported ? 2018年1月25日6:04

Just upgraded to 16.5.323 on mac i still don't see the 4.18.2 supported in the installer. could you kindly advise ?
many thanks

Houdini 16.0. Engine to UE4 4.18.2 supported ? 2018年1月2日17:48

Yes I am on mac and I managed to install the 16.0.787 which includes the UE4 4.18 plugin and appears to install fine on 4.18.2 and then installed the 16.0.828. Fingers crossed it should work i guess…