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PDG and Wrap3 command line utility 2020年1月31日13:21

OMG it worked perfect thanks so much for the prompt reply and the solution!

PDG and Wrap3 command line utility 2020年1月31日12:33

I am trying to take advantage of the procedural dependency graph in order to parallelize a command line utility from wrap3
which lives here []
I am primarily interested in utilizing the command line interface which is fairly straightforward in its use and lives here: []
the way i set it up is to have an attribute create in tops which creates a counter

i then pass the command:
wrap3cmd compute “D:\projection_experimental.wrap” -s `@counter`
to a generic generator like shown

which seems to compute like shown

The problem is that i only see one geometry file generated as if somehow it is not respecting the counter in order to write out the sequence. Please note that when executing the command from a dos command prompt it writes out the geometry file numbered according to the “counter” value
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
many thanks

Export to USDZ 2019年12月23日18:09

thanks i will have a look!