This tutorial is part of the series „Houdini FX for Motion Graphics“. In this series, 3D- & VFX-Trainer Helge Maus ( demonstrates, how the procedural approach of Houdini FX can help the artist to be more effective in the fields of Motion Graphics, Creation and Commercials. Step by step he shows how you can generate points on surfaces and volumes, move them without complex particle systems, connect them with a Plexus Effect and generate trails through different approaches. Finally, he shows how to render these effects in Mantra and how to use the needed attributes. 



  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 2 年 前  | 

    an excellent series I learned many things that I like.

  • pixeltrain 2 年 前  | 

    Thanks, Alfredo. Trying to add more tutorials like that.

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