VEX for Hair and Fur, rev.0

Hi guys! Welcome to my very first tutorial ever!

So what is it about? In this course I'm rebuilding the tools I've been using in real productions. These tools saved me many times, because not always you can rely on a simulation. And I'm a big fan of everything that looks like a simulation but is not a simulation :) 

The course is split into 4 chapters:

   - Chapter 1 is an intro on how to work with primitive wrangles

   - In chapter 2 we are creating some basic fur so we have something to work on, and vellum setup to we can compare how my method performs vs vellum

   - Chapter 3: this is where we start developing the main CORE ROTATE HAIR wrangle. Now we can compare a dynamic vellum wind vs my fake wind method

   - And in final Chapter 4 we are wrapping all this into and actual HDA, where you pick bunch oh hair and manipulate them directly in the scene view.

What about that weird name "rev.0"? Well I want to keep developing this course and at some point I will release a new "version" called "rev.1". It will be an upgrade to this one with proper groom and character animation, as well as better techniques and more content. And everyone who got "rev.0" will get a discount for "rev.1" with the value of original "rev.0". Also "rev.1" will completely replace this one.

So isn't just better to wait for "rev.1" instead? Well not really. The more people are interested in this one, the more I know people have found value in it. So even though I've already started working on "rev.1" it will take me some time. The more people are interested in this one, the sooner I'll release an upgraded "rev.1". If just few people are interested than it might take me many, many months to finish the next one.


  • Sundaryogi 3 年, 8 ヶ月 前  | 

    The website link is not working.

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