Below is a list of the SideFX Labs tools broken into categories such as VFX, integrations, mesh processing and world building. You can also go to the GitHub page to get more information about each tool.

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Texture Sheets
Create sprite sheets from your animations and customise the data stored in each colour channel.

Make Loop 
Takes a mesh or volume that is animated and loops them.

Fire Presets
Quickly generate and render fire simulations using presets for size varying from torch to small to 1m high and low

Vertex Animation Textures
The Vertex Animation Textures ROP will export a mesh and textures to be used with a realtime material that can playback complex animations for cloth, rigid body destruction, fluids and particles.

Destruction Cleanup
Prepare rigid body simulation results for export, reducing redundant geometry, cleaning normals, cleaning attributes.

Skinning Converter
Skinning Converter is a SOP that can convert any non-changing topology deforming mesh sequence into a bone based animation.

Volume to Texture
The Volume Texture tool lets you write out a texture that can be used with Ryan Brucks' volume plugin in UE4.

Motion Vectors
Using the velocity field or point attribute this tool will generate 2D motion vectors which can be used to retime motion in a shader.

This utility tool sets up a flowmap template on your input geometry.

Flowmap Visualize
A high quality realtime preview of a flowmap texture in the Houdini viewport.

Flowmap Obstacle
The flowmap obstacle SOP allows for easy modifications on the flowmap based on geometry.

Flowmap Shader
The flowmap SHOP is a glsl based viewport shader to preview flowmap shaders.

Flowmap to Color
The flowmap to color SOP converts the flowmap data to vertex colors

Impostor Camera Rig
This OBJ sets up a camera rig to be used with the Impostor Texture ROP Node.

Impostor Texture
The impostor tool creates texture sheets to fake 3D objects in your game engine.

Niagara ROP
All-in-one HDA to extract and write out impacts, split data and interpolation data from a bullet sim to be used with the UE4 Niagara data interface.

Niagara Impacts
Extract impact points from a rigid body bullet sim and add attributes required for the UE4 Niagara data interface.

Niagara Interpolate
Store the centroids of a rigid body bullet sim as a point cloud for the entire length of the animation. To be used with the UE4 Niagara data interface.

Niagara RBD Split
Generate a point every time two pieces in a bullet sim separate from each other. Can be used to spawn particles with the UE4 Niagara data interface.

Gamedev Procedural Smoke
The procedural smoke SOP will generate an animated volume to represent smoke.

Pyro Preview ROP
Generate a light rig and set a mantra node to fast, preview settings for volumes

RBD Director
A helper node for bullet sims to activate pieces, add forces or handle changing from kinematic to animated.

RBD Edge Strip
Create a mesh along the edge of lowpoly voronoi pieces to add detail in the texture. Ideal for realtime destruction sequences.

RBD Fracture
Fracture geometry with more controls than the standard voronoi fracture but with less complexity than the rbd material fracture node.

This tool allows for fast export of an RBD Sim to bone based FBX

ROP Vector Field
Generate UE4 compatible vector fields from volumes or point clouds.

ROP Volume Texture
Convert volume data into 2D texture sheets.

Static Fracture Export
The Static Fracture SOP takes static geometry data from sop level, and separates them into newly generated geometry containers on object level

Disc Generator
Create a disc mesh with uv's with controls for slicing and uv coverage.


AliceVision Photogrammetry
AliceVision is a Photogrammetric Computer Vision Framework which provides a 3D Reconstruction and Camera Tracking algorithms.

Reality Capture 
The plugin allows you to run Reality Capture processes from within Houdini in order to streamline your mesh pipeline.

ZBrush Bridge
GoZ is Zbrush's fast file transfer feature that lets you send meshes between Houdini and Zbrush seamlessly without having to deal with file paths or extensions. 

Delete Small Parts
Removes pieces based on connectivity and size

Remove light and shadow variation from photogrammetry textures.

Extract Filename
Utility SOP to store the filename of a file SOP as its detail attributes to be then used in other SOPs.

Full Pipeline Node to Take High Res Models to Low Res.

Games Baker
Generate Textures based on a High Poly to Low Poly match.

LOD Create
The LOD Create SOP allows for easy LOD generation.

LOD Hierarchy
Create and export an LOD Hierarchy as FBX.

Maps Baker
Generates textures bakes from a high resolution to low resolution model at near interactive speeds.

Simple Baker
SOP Based Baking of Texture Maps.


Inside Face UVs
Create UV's for inside faces of voronoi fractured geometry.

Merge Small Islands
Consolidates Small UV Islands into Larger Neighbors

UV Transfer
Transfer uv's between a source and target geometry.

UV Unitize
Converts every primitive to 0-1 UVs

UV Visualize
Different methods of visualizing UV Data

Auto UV
Automatically Generates UV Attributes


Physics Painter
Physics Painter is a SOP that allows users to paint physics objects onto any other object.

Building Generator 
Convert low-resolution blockout geometry into detailed buildings using a library of user defined modules.

Detail Mesh
The Detail Mesh SOP allows you to project a so called detail mesh onto template geometry.

Building Generator Utility
Create base modules to use with the building generator, as well as override base module behavior.

Cable Generator
Given a curve that represents the high 'pin' points and low 'sag' points of a cable, this sop will generate sagging cables, with user definable cable count, shape, colour.

Curve Branches
Scatters curves over curves, with many intuitive controls to go from clean geometric branches to organic vines. Duplicates of this sop can be chained together for recursive growth, approximating the look of L-Systems but much more controllable.

Dirt Skirt
Create a geometry 'skirt' where an object and ground plane intersect, to be used as a soft blend in a game engine.

Lot Subdivision
Divide polygons into panels

Generate color, height and Open Street Map (OSM) curves using data provided by

SciFi Panels
Example HDA from the Rebirth Project to generate Sci Fi Paneling

Snow Buildup
Adds geometry to an input mesh that mimics snow buildup

Terrain Layer Export
The terrain layer export SOP exports a heightfield with the correct settings for Unreal.

Terrain Layer Import
The terrain layer import SOP imports a heightfield with the correct settings from Unreal.

Terrain Mesh ROP
The Terrain Segment SOP allows you to convert the plugged in heightfield into geometry.

Terrain Texture ROP
The Terrain Texture rop SOP renders image data from a heightfield.

OSM Import
Imports Open Street Map Data

OSM Buildings
Generate Buildings from OSM Data

OSM Filter
Isolates Specific OSM Data Layers


Calculate Slope
Calculate the slope of a surface by comparing to a direction, and optionally blur and remap the result.

Color Adjustment 
Several Common Adjustment Operations on Vertex Colors

Color Blend
Blends Color data on 2 separate meshes based on common algorithms

Color Gradient
Generates a Vertex Color Gradient on a mesh

Curve Sweep
Sweep a profile along input curves, with simple controls for profile type, width, and twist behavior.

Cylinder Generator
Create a cylinder with uv's from a curve with controls for tapering and uv coverage.

Decal Projector
Project a decal (localised piece of geometry and a texture) onto geometry.

Dissolve Flat Edges
Remove edges on flat surfaces.

Distance From Border
Calculate the distance from the edge of a surface and store it as an attribute per point.

Gamedev Edge Color
Color sharp edges on geometry

Edge Group To Curve
Converts an Edge Group to a Poly Curve.

Gamedev Extract Borders
Extract curves from Meshes

Extract Silhouette
Create an outline of an object projected from one of the axes, xyz.

Path Deform
Deform geometry along a curve.

Creates a spiral curve


Substance COP
The Substance Plugin for Houdini lets you load Substance Archive files into Houdini in COPs.

Quad Remesher
The QuadRemesher node is a wrapper around Exoside's QuadRemesher command line interface.

Rizom UV
The RizomUV Bridge is a set of 4 different SOPs that facilitate the communication between Houdini and RizomUV.

3D Facebook Image
Quickly render a 3D scene to a 2.5D image that can be uploaded to Facebook.

Gamedev Align and Distribute 
Spread a collection of shapes along an axis.

DDS File
Reads in DDS (DirectDraw Surface) Files

Marmoset ROP
The Marmoset ROP allows you to quickly generate an mview inside Houdini

Gaea Tor Processor 
The Gaea Tor Processor allows you to load up build .TOR files made in Gaea

Instant Meshes
a bridge tool to Instant Meshes open source quad remesher.

Sketchfab Output
Uploads geometry to Sketchfab

Uploads geometry to Sketchfab

AliceVision Photogrammetry
The complete Alicevision photogrammetry pipeline.

AliceVisionDepth Map
Retrieves the depth value of each pixel from the cameras using Alicevision.

Configure which images to process using Alicevision.

Creates a dense geometric surface representation of the scene using Alicevision.

AliceVisionStructure from Motion
Detects 3D points with position and orientation and calibrate the cameras accordingly using Alicevision.

Texture the generated mesh using Alicevision.

AliceVision Analyze Images
Match all features between candidate image pairs using Alicevision.


Axis Align
Aligns Objects based on the Bounding Box

Gamedev Box Clip
Clip geometry to a resizable box region.

Calculate Occlusion
Vertex Based Ambient Occlusion Calculation.

CSV Exporter
Export geometry attibutes to a CSV file.

Group Curve Corners
Creates Groups for Inside and Outside corner points

Guide Flowmap
The Guide Flowmap modifies a flowmap based on a guide curve.

Mark Seams
Interactive Stashing of Edge Selections

MatCap Shader
Apply a 'matcap' image to give the appearance of high quality shading at realtime framerates.

Measure Curvature
Generates Point Colors based on the Curvature of the Model

Mesh Slice
Clips the geometry into multiple submeshes based on a 3d grid pattern

Mesh Tiler
Quickly tile geometry on a planar surface.

Min Max Average
Multiple Min/Max/Average Analysis in a single node

Multi Bounding Box
Generate Several Bounding Boxes For the Input Mesh

Multi File
Load several Geometry files at once.

Normal Color
Simple Helper Node to generate the default Normal Color.

Normal Combine
A Simple Node That Overlays 2 Normal Maps together

Normal From Grayscale
Convert a Grayscale Image Into a Normal Map

Normal Invert
Invert individual channels on an image

Normal Levels
Adjusts black point, white point, and midrange to increase, balance, or decrease contrast on a Normal Map.

Normal Rotate
Rotates a Normal Map while correcting recalculating its internal vectors

Normalize Normal
Ensures the normal map is balanced in a unit vector

OBJ Importer
Import an OBJ File including its materials and textures.

Octahedron Lens
This is a CVEX based Lens Shader used to generate Impostors.

PBR Shader
Physically Based Viewport Shader

Warps a source mesh to match the shape of a target

Simple Node to take a triangulated mesh and attempt to collapse the diagonal edges to return the mesh to a quad dominant state

Quick Material
The QuickMaterial sop is a convenience tool that allows you to very easily set up PBR materials.

Remove Inside Faces
This tool removes inside faces for objects that are intersecting.

Quickly Spot Heal a Mesh

Simple Interface to Change the Timing of an animation

Sine Wave
Deforms a mesh based on a sine wave curve

Soften Normals
Soften Normals is a convenience SOP that is frequently used to prepare geometry for baking.

Sphere Generator
Create a sphere with box unwrapped uv's and a vertex colour ramp.

Straight Skeleton 2D
Generate the central curve (straight skeleton) for 2D input shapes.

Gamedev Straight Skeleton 3D
Generates a curve based on the internal structure of a mesh

Orients a mesh based on UP and FRONT groups

Sweep Geometry
Fit an input object along a curve by repeating the middle section multiple times.

Extrudes a mesh along it's averaged normals.

Toon Shader
A glsl toon shader based on the Guilty Gears GDC 2015 talk.

Trace PSD File
Generates Curves from Photoshop File Layers.

Rotates the input geometry around itself based on the timeline

Turntable Lens
This is a CVEX based Lens Shader used to generate Impostors.

Unreal Pivot Painter
Pivot Painter is a SOP that stores model pivot and rotation information in the model's vertex data and additional UV channels.

Vector Normalize
Fit raw RGB data between 0 and 1 and expose the min and max values.

Voxel Mesh
The Voxel Mesh SOP is a shortcut for the common VDB from Polygons > Convert VDB workflow.

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