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View more then one attribute using visualizer ? May 12, 2018, 3:01 p.m.

This is the problem I have; I hope someone can answer.

When creating a primitive wrangler within a forLoop SOP and that primitive wrangler contains an attribute must you have the forLoop end block SOP node selected for it to work, not the primitive wrangler, within the forLoop SOP, correct ?

Also can you create a detail attribute variable within a primitive wrangler and expect it to work ?

View more then one attribute using visualizer ? May 11, 2018, 10:45 p.m.

How can I view two style vector attributes at the same time from the visualizer ?

modulus for every other prim though iteration ? May 7, 2018, 7:04 p.m.

I want to only change the value of a variable for every other primitive but I don't have the modulus correct ?
What I've hit dead on is, if iterating using strictly the forEach sop, how do I tell the iteration metadata to only affect every other primitive ?

int chngePrim = detail(0,"iteration",0);