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Downloading Apprentice Aug. 20, 2011, 6:55 p.m.

After several attempts over several different networks, I've been unable to complete the download of the Apprentice software. I've purchased an HD license and would like to have something to license.

The only difference noted between the networks over which I've attempted the download is the percentage of the download that completes (according to the little progress bar in the upper right corner of the browser). The faster the network, the greater the percentage of the download before the data rate drops to zero. These are mostly high-capacity broadband connections I'm using, so please don't rush to attribute this to a slow network.

If you can give me an FTP address, I'll use FileZilla. This should simplify the problem by allowing the FTP client to perform whatever keep-alive activities or session modulation best works for this download.

Thanks for your help.

Your latest eager and paying customer,