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DOPs Keeps Hiding My Geometry :'( Sept. 17, 2016, 1:13 a.m.

Just a (seemingly) pretty basic question about DOPs and how going inside a dop network hides the rest of the scene - this is super frustrating

Basically I have a network tree with a POP network about half way down, and after that copy sop some stuff onto the particles.. but whenever I go inside the pop network to change any settings the rest of the scene disappears from viewport and it just displays the particles as points even though the display flag was on the copy sop AFTER the popnet - and for some reason this even overrides the “ghost other objects” viewport setting

I know if i used like autodop network from shelf tools and dopimported the particles back in this wouldn't be a problem (the ghosting works fine then) but thats also pretty messy I want to keep everything in one tree, in one geo and be able to change particle settings in real time without having to keep going in and out of DOPs to see how it looks - someone tell me this is possible?