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TOPs and Python who should be responsible for what? June 10, 2021, 5:05 a.m.

So after some digging I have discovered that my python did have some errors due to some paths being faulty when the HDA gets cooked. One can apparently see the result of the cook by clicking the "Save Debug .hip File" and in there, one can see the true python errors. So the path is now solved, the next problem is that the cooked HDA does not allow editing which means that python can't create nodes within the HDA

TOPs and Python who should be responsible for what? June 10, 2021, 4:04 a.m.

Hello everyone, Learner here

I started off building a pipeline in python where one HDA would talk to the next and they would feed each other inputs to complete their tasks.
Now I would like to rebuild it all using TOPs, I think.
The problem that I'm encountering is that I can't execute my python anymore, I have tried "pressing the button" from TOPs and having the python sit in the python module of the HDA, I have tried having a python node, I have tried having a script node pointing towards my python node. But TOPs never seem to want to execute the script

I feel like I might get something fundamental wrong, is this the right way to think about TOPs and python in Houdini? Should the python(which mainly creates and edits nodes)sit inside TOPs itself? or in the HDA? or in a node?

Quick Material with multiple IDs not updating June 2, 2021, 5:44 a.m.

Hello there,

I'm building a photogrammetry landscape pipeline and I use the baker and quick materials to bake out diffuse color of the landscape.
I import my meshes and setup the materials fine but I have discovered that quick materials don't update immediately after being setup by python. I have to change a material name back and forth to get all the material IDs to show up in the viewport. I have tried to do the same in python but it dose not seem to trigger the same update

I can't seem to find much documentation on the quick material Has anyone ales had the same problem and found a solution?
Is there some api call I can call to force the node to update except from cook in python?