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Primvar/attributes not being recognised in karma cpu Jan. 5, 2024, 11:10 a.m.

Should've spend some more time troubleshooting before postoing, think I found the issue.
I though the primvars were integers, however it turns out they are floats already
When I set everything to float in the geometry property value it works in both xpu and cpu
I find it very interesting that karma xpu was able to recognise the incorrectly set primvar whereas cpu was not

Primvar/attributes not being recognised in karma cpu Jan. 5, 2024, 10:49 a.m.


I'm experiencing an issue when trying to work between karma xpu and cpu regarding bringing primvars/attributes on curves from houding.
I have a groom where I have painted some primvars/attributes for the color of the fur. I'm then bringing them into the fur shader using a geometry property value to mix between the two values on the melanin.
The setup seems to work great in karma xpu, however when I try rendering the same shader with cpu, the attribute seems to be completely ignored and the shader only picks up the BG value on on the mix node
It's weird cause I would've though if something is not supported that would be under xpu rather than cpu, so that leads me to believe that I'm not doing something the way I'm supposed to.
Is there a different way to bring attributes on curves between xpu and cpu

I've attached images to showcase the difference as well as the way I'm hooking the attributes to the shader

install H19 hqclient macOS Monterey - Error while finalizing April 5, 2022, 12:24 p.m.

Bumping this up, as I'm having the same issue
It's pretty much impossible to install Queue on Mac either through the launcher or the old installation package.
I've tried on two separate Mac machines and getting the same issue
Would love to know if there is a way to get this to work or if other people are experiencing the same problems