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A couple of questions about Houdini 17 Sept. 28, 2018, 12:24 p.m.

Is there a quadruped autorig in Houdini?

Yes, it released with H16.5.


Direct Modeling HDA Sept. 6, 2018, 11:01 a.m.

TO vux

i very please for you and you doing well with “Direct Modeling HDA” lot people like it have or will by it.

But please do not take this the wrong way but…

But this Side Fx forums not “Direct Modeling HDA” forum can you please “make facebook page” or on your vimeo page ask people to post there for Q&A

Or why not ask “od|force forums” for spot.

But coming here and see “Direct Modeling HDA” in 1'st page of “Houdini Lounge” 95% of the time because its getting bump by people asking question just for your “product”, Its bit much to ask for if people who not instead in your product“

you had some fascistic marketing you been in mention in ”3D Artist magazine“ and lot on the web eg

because you have really great product.

I do hope i not upset you in way ”vux" but please do take in consideration for other people uses this forum

I think it should instead be moved to a relevant section that may or may not exist yet - such as a product subsection in the forums because it is difficult for people to market their products, especially amongst all of the free stuff that is available out there. Not being allowed to post your products in the forums is not a turn-on for developers or tutorial creators, so a relevant subsection I think would be the best solution.

Modeling primarily in Houdini Aug. 25, 2018, 2:02 p.m.

Barring that, I'd have liked to see the drawing tools replaced by more common tools relating to the manipulation of points, like drag-weld and slide

(Sorry if I misunderstand)…You can already do drag-weld using the TopoBuild operator. It is typically used for retopology, but you can use it for modeling. For example, you typically use the fuse op after snapping points together using point snap, since they don't fuse automatically. Now, using the TopoBuild op you can do this (and a few other things) kind of destructively (and without using fuse in this case).

From what I understand, this is not what the node was meant to do and thus they built this new polydraw thing, which seems to have the same functionality of the TopoBuild node(based on the video). We'll see what options actually ship with the tool, but you can already use TopoBuild.

I would like a wall feature set in the new tool, as in the Modo pen tool (already RFE'd).

Positive note is that people are discussing this stuff (I'm not the only one hoping for a renewed focus on interactive modeling workflow).
Negative note personally is that I feel this could all be in one node, since the functionality is simmilar (as in Modo with the pen tool). From what I understand, the topobuild was not meant for direct modeling, hence the polydraw design. Maybe the polydraw can replace and consolidate this stuff in future).