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Direct Modeling HDA July 3, 2018, 8:33 a.m.

Great work man. Maybe a detailed overview and tutorial with release?


The baffling attitude of some Houdini users toward MOPs and other 3rd party tools. July 3, 2018, 8:32 a.m.

The impression you have is the same impression I shared in the “learning curve” thread.
Just gotta remember that negative feedback is usually much more vocal than “whatever” and positive one. People who are okay with 3rd party solutions are not wasting time writing negative reactions, because they are okay.

Mostly, I guess me being new in the H party, I see the “get on my level” attitude from many people. Even in this thread in question. That is so bizarre.

I remember in another thread, one guy asked for the rounded edge shader to be added to Houdini. Then, another guy said, just do it yourself. Lol. Others seemed to support this idea.
Whether you can do it yourself or not is not very helpful to new users coming from Modo (or the other apps that provide that shader out of the box). Not everyone has the technical know-how - nor do I expect the interest or time in building everything themselves, especially since those features are already available in other packages. Thankfully they added this feature in 16.5, but the point stands. Most would rather spend some money on another package and save that time, which is money that goes to the competition.

Software does not need to be difficult to use or learn just because you can do lots with it - this is simply basic usability design. I've also read in forums where some users say they would rather have them not focus on improving ease of entry or usability, and rather focus on new features - this makes zero sense from the very fundamentals of usability that you'll learn in like first year of undergraduate studies. Also, it seems like some of these comments or ideas come from people whom are not very experienced anyway - most mature and experienced users will have a more useful argument of whether or not you can or can not do or add something to Houdini and why or why not.

Anyway, I think if you ignore the trolls, you'll see that with H16 and H16.5 came huge improvements to usability (and even fun factor), so I'm giving SideFX the benefit of the doubt and I believe they will continue to improve the software in this regard. I personally would love to see them improve the interactive workflows a bit, since working with nodes has seen major improvements.


3D cursor from Blender June 7, 2018, 6:07 a.m.

Log an RFE with your suggestion, else they might not notice your request.