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Ongoing questions thread from a new user Dec. 9, 2017, 5:12 p.m.

Hello all, here's another question :

8 - How does one clean up the HDA list when it comes to assets that do not show up in the Asset manager ? I created a few broken ones while experimenting with the system (as expected !) and now I would like to clean up my little mess

Note that the .hdanc files in question are not in the user folder, as I deleted them manually. Now I would like to delete their entries in the asset list too.

Thanks !

Ongoing questions thread from a new user Dec. 6, 2017, 4:11 p.m.

Hello @Cyzor, @aRtye -

Thank you so much for taking the time to chime in ! I am getting a bit more familiar with the program now.

- Cyzor, about the hotkey editor : thank you for pointing that out about the modifiers ! It took me a little while to wrap myself around the following, which is really non-trivial :

  • Typing a key in the search field on the top right filters for this keypress, but *also* filters for any command name using this letter (or string of letters). This filtering is performed on all contexts.
  • Pressing a key on the virtual keyboard shows the current assignment for this button (and modifier combinations). But this filtering is performed *only* for the currently selected context. That's why clicking U and I will reveal nothing if the “Houdini” context is not the currently highlighted one.

That's not exactly user friendly but I think I understand now. Basically it *is* possible to filter for a key (as asked in my original question 6) - it's just a little bit counter-intuitive

7 - Now with that said, I think there might be a few bugs in the hotkey editor that I'll eventually need to report once I can consistently reproduce them. For instance I am unable to make a given key perform a “Frame Selected”, even though it works just fine if I add a modifier to it. It's as if Houdini prevents some conflicts, but allows for some others But close and relaunch Houdini seems to sometimes resolve the issue, and both assignments may start functioning as intended. Is anyone running into this issue too ?

- aRtye : indeed, it looks like there is no way to fully turn off the highlight effect - and similarly, no way to invert the horizontal and vertical drag-zoom behavior. I'll definitely file a report/suggestion on that topic.

To sum up for now :

1 - (Turning off pre-selection highlighting) : currently not possible, RfE sent.
2 - (Display origin) : still confused about that.
3 - (Need to press alt in order to mousewheel in some contexts) : Still really puzzled by that one too, any idea ?
4 - (Unexpected zoom behavior) : no option to edit, will RfE.
5 - (Hard merging) thank you for the suggestions, will try them and will let you know how that goes.
6 - (Filtering for a given key) : Solved, but not intuitive, will RfE..

New issue :
7 - Some hotkey assignments are not immediately functional after assignment. Can anyone confirm this ?

Thank you for your time !!

Ongoing questions thread from a new user Dec. 1, 2017, 5:44 p.m.

Hello Cyzor, thank you for your help !

- About highlighting : this option seems to affect the fill-in effect on polygon faces, but doesn't seem to disable the yellow highlight on objects.

- About the hotkey editor : would you mind screenshotting what you mean ? I cannot seem to find anything labelled “non modifier”.

Thanks !