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Can we bring the standard unreal engine car rig into houdini and back again? April 19, 2018, 7:08 a.m.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your file your piggy vehicle looks great! Im keen to get him driving around in unreal I havent been able to get it working yet though..

Im importing your fbx file into unreal and it looks to be structured the correct way with joints facing the right direction and weights working.
I think its more of an unreal problem though im still working it out.

Im able to import the car created with my .fbx file and drive it around.

Do you have the .hip file that you used to create that .fbx file? I think I could learn from that with regards to skinning etc

Can we bring the standard unreal engine car rig into houdini and back again? April 2, 2018, 10:46 p.m.


Unreal engine has a standard skeletal mesh they use for the default car rig- its set up a certain way with a set hierarchy and joints facing a certain way, Im trying to make it so i can import-modify-export this car rig through houdini using fbx.

Ive managed to import it and then export it again getting the same thing, but im having trouble changing the rig in houdini before exporting.Im not very experienced riggng in houdini.

Ive attached my hip file, this exports to unreal fine and works with their car physics component, but…

1- I dont know how to change the bind pose on the rig. I want to move the wheels forward or back in houdini to fit another car., i move the bone and capturedeform moves the wheel, but when i export the fbx the wheel goes back to its original position, it seems to be exporting the bind pose. How can i change the bind pose?

2. I want to attach new geometry to the rig but im unable to, the capture regions for the wheels dont seem to work? I probably dont even want to use capture regions- i want to do a rigid bind based on groups, im unsure how to do that. How can I bind new geometry to the rig?

If i could make it work i could make a super useful hda to get cars into unreal.

any help/suggestions would be awesome!