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destroy propeller helicopter Nov. 4, 2016, 4:17 p.m.

Help, I need to damage the propeller of a helicopter when crashing into an object, the body of the helicopter does not interest me, but the problem is that eh downloaded dosarchivos forums and none serves me, one is with rbdpincosntrain, and the other bon rbdkeyactive1 but when I turn the latter the helices are flying by the effect of rotation, deputy simple scene of a helicopter passing an item but the helices fall oh oh stay still, urgent help!

sorry for bat English

Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent help! July 18, 2016, 2:58 p.m.

good is a joke, but hey managed to get, when you convert files to cmd can be opened with the run scritp and go!

Install BVH Into Mocap Crowd Agent help! July 18, 2016, 1:03 p.m.

You do have to specify the full path and filename, not just the path. Also the full path should not have any spaces in the path. Make sure your user name for the system does not have any strange ASCII characters in it.

I have attached the example 08_02.bclip and .cmd files referenced in the video. Just use the .bclip to continue the video even if you can not get the convert to work.

hello failure again because in this tutorial, use linux, I have windows, and does not allow! help!