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Possible for Group Node in Maya as input to Houdini Engine? May 22, 2015, 10:49 a.m.

All of the Houdini Engine examples I have seen tend to have a single shape node as input to the Houdini Engine OTL, or individually selecting different shape nodes separately as inputs into the OTL. Is it possible to just select the top group node of the rig hierarchy in Maya as input to the OTL?

I would like to create a Houdini Engine OTL where I could have a character animator select the top node of their character rig and the OTL would use all of the incoming geometry as a fluid source for simulation for them to visualize. Eash character has a different set of meshes and it would not be practical if each mesh would need to be selected and merged into the OTL separately.

Also is it possible to gain access to patch names from Maya inside of the OTL? ie: separate a mesh named “body” from a mesh named “pants”?