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Isn't it time for some Houdini 18.5 action soon? Sept. 25, 2020, 3:37 p.m.

What in particular do you like?

I also love that hitting the keyboard letter of the axis, restricts the move/scale/rotation to that particular axis. It's such an incredible time saver and it's so intuitive that I don't understand why others don't implement such a simple thing.

This was the first thing I changed from their system back to the traditional axis/gimbal style. It's so confusing that the object does a transformation right away which you then have to restrict to the axis you want it to move. I don't want to look/think about the axis I want stuff to transform.

So you want it to transform itself. Blender does really have a more intuitive transform procedure, with CAD Transform addon it quite nice. In vanilla you can use middle mouse to transform the object in the general direction of the mouse movement or just shortcuts to restrict it by axis.

Request for a tool like Blender’s Box cutter and Hardops Sept. 16, 2020, 11:40 a.m.

Well after testing Houdini version of box cutter I have to say I feel a bit disappointed ☹️.
In Blender version You can start creating box, circle and custom shapes by default, tried to create a circle in Houdini and it did not aligned automatically to the surface face, it did not keep proportioned so you need to eyeball a perfect circle shape,
In blender you can Trace your shape and use shortcuts to do many actions such as union, substract, Cut, etc.
You can recall and reselect all the shapes you cut visually using Hardops.
You can perform Cuts and tweak all the cuts you did as if they were individual objects,

And the list goes on and on.

Houdini's attempt, Unfortunately is light years behind Blenders.


Yeah, some modelling tools like hops/bcutter would be nice, these in my opinion give blender the edge in all the modelling landscape, despite what other “industry standard” software users try to believe.