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(Rigging) how to solve double transforms with constraints and parenting? April 25, 2018, 1:36 a.m.

Change Method to “proportional” and dial blend0 to 0 in the blend_parents node in your chops constraints.

Rigging Follow Curve IK Madness April 24, 2018, 2:40 a.m.

That's a very nice setup!
Two things:
I've managed to brake it by moving on YZ the locked on X null (swing if you can), just a little, not too extreme.
Another, is this curve rig works well in some cases, but for realistic humanoids or any creature that is not upright (spine on horizontal) there's a needed for a bit more flexibility, therefore a spine has to have two ctrl nulls (a la XSI) which is better for this case as it allows independent twisting at chest and hip level.

So, trying to extract the essence from here, I'd say that in general when you're rigging this curve in order to be used as a spine, you don't necessarily need to have manual control over bones' orientation (vertebrae twist progressively only a bit in relation to their upper and lower neighbor), but you need to have them stable as in keep their initial rotation. In this situation, from what I've managed to test thus far, curve normals are to be avoided.

I'm sure we'll know more as we encounter various situations in real projects, as these tests, although do provide some insights, are rather dry when compared to what you actually need when you start rigging some real organic or mech, so we, or at least me, won't know for sure what's the best approach beforehand.

Ik end effectors not created at the right place? April 24, 2018, 1:46 a.m.

i can't say i'm really impressed by the workflow for rigging in Houdini. It's a lot of back and forth between shelves buttons, Object nodes, SOP levels nodes, with some very confusing

This is an affliction not endemic to rigging. Preferences and options are not well organized and since I've brought this up around H14, little if anything changed. Other areas suffer from the same seeming lack of elegance when it comes to user interaction, but most new comers that didn't leave in the first days, have stayed for other things they found in Houdini which is unparalleled flexibility.

I'm not Houdini expert so i don't know if i'm entitled to make claims about the rigging workflow

You are as entitled to express your opinion as anyone else, which, if backed with evidence, they're going to become more than that. But beside that, it's exactly your lack of experience in H that puts you in a good spot to be a credible voice regarding whether something's intuitive or not. Once you know something, you no longer rely on intuitiveness.

edit: forgot to mention that beside making waves on forums about issues, one should also file RFEs with proposed fixes and improvements, otherwise they can get lost in the sea of info and no one “that counts” will see them.