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Do you see yourself using the 3ds Max plugin in production? June 20, 2017, 4:22 a.m.

Hi, has been a while from the last response but I think is worthy to revive this thread.

I'm a technical artist on a preproduction in game company and I'm evaluating if we can integrate houdini in our workflow. We work on a proprietary engine and we are very 3dsMax dependent, all the geometry, the scenes, part of the game logic is edited through 3dsMax.

The current state of the plugin is maybe enough, but not desirable. I managed to recompile the plugin in order to use houdini 15.5 (instead of houdini 15.0) but I'm having some troubles to recompile for houdini 16 (I realize the API changes a lot). Also, I'm have not tried it yet, but for the moment I don't see a way to use inputs from max for the HDA, like using a spline to generate a fence. I don't know if this is possible using maya's plugin.

So, to summ up. I still having doubts if the plugin in the current state cover our needs. But with a small update probably it will.

Pd.: This is my first post but I hope is the first of many