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Variable frame range for ROP Fetch Oct. 18, 2019, 2:23 p.m.

oh, nice! I was trying to do this before, but I guess I did something wrong, so I concluded that it does not work..
Tried it again - generating attribute with python and then referencing it with hscript expression in ROP Fetch, and it works!!

Awesome! Huge thanks!

Variable frame range for ROP Fetch Oct. 18, 2019, 12:06 p.m.

Hi. I'm trying to do a simple thing using PDG (TOPs).
Basically what I want to is to go through a bunch of MDD files in a folder, for each file I do my thing in SOPs - producing animation of some length, and then save that animation as single Alembic file (one for each input file). Basically sort of a animation file converter.

What I'm struggling with is, how to generate different frame range on my ROP Fetch for each incoming work item (incoming MDD file).
What I want to do is for each input (input mdd file) work item - take frame range stored in it's file name, and set it on my ROP Fetch node to generate needed amount of frames.

I'm doing “All frames in one batch” on my ROP Fetch node, and this seems to be able to produce multi-frame Alembic files.

Before that I was trying to do single frame ROP Fetch node and specify frame range in my Alembic ROP node, but it did not work that way.. only first frame was rendered all the time.

Is this possible or am i approaching it completely wrong?

Here is my TOPs network.. I have two File Pattern nodes - one for MDD files and other for Obj file (I apply mdd animation on obj file). I combine them to have work items with both paths. :

falling leaves sim. Jan. 26, 2015, 3:32 p.m.

Hello! I'm quite new to Houdini - still trying to grasp some concepts. I need to create falling leaves simulation. I have been trying out different ideas but have some questions:

1. Is it possible to have normal/tangential drag (like in cloth objects) for RBD objects - to have some sort of aerodynamic effect ?
I would like to use RBD to simulate a lot of leaves faster as I don't need soft deformations. Cloth sim gives very natural falling motion with normal drag active, but is very very slow for several thousand leaves.

2. I am creating my geometry using simple copy on scattered points and then doing Assemble to create individual leaf names. Partition to group them by name. Then feeding it all to DOP.
The question is - what would be the best approach if I want to remove from simulation all the leaves which have reached certain condition - i.e. they have collided with the ground (or some other condition - i.e. leaf velocity is 0 for last N frames (For cloth it would be average velocity of all leaf points)).
I need to keep the geometry around and render it, but I would like to remove it from Cloth/RBD simulation to speed things up.
How are this kind of problems usually solved? Is it possible to remove objects/pieces from dynamic simulations?