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Is it just me or importing exported alembic cameras is crashy? March 28, 2017, 4:12 p.m.

In fully licensed H16.599 if I export an animated camera to an alembic and bring it back in again with an alembic archive, when I click build hirachy… houdini crashes. I will log a bug but I want to check if it is just me.

The camera comes from pftrack is parented to a scaled null and is exported with an alembic rop in /out.

I have also tried a camera with no parenting and it is constrained to that camera with chops. I have also used chrefit to bake all key frames. Still crashing. I must be doing something wrong because, how is this bug still out there, you can't export a valid camera. That's huge.

I will attach the the hip file and alembic when I get to work for you to inspect.

I haven't trusted houdini camera exports since H14.5

/shop vs /mat Feb. 26, 2017, 7:25 p.m.

When Jeff presented H16 at our studio last week, I proposed this analogy…. to the conclusion to think of materials and the VOPs they contain like…. VOP sops and the VOPs they contain. He agreed that this was a valid analogy.

When you think about shops think that you only had the option to make 1 VOP sop to shape an imported bit of geometry, so you had to configure and hack that one VOP sop to do the whole job in one go. This reflects the part where you apply one shop and it does all the work, so you open it up and get hacking, or make an uber shader and tweak it to the Nth degree. Now with materials you can think of it as if you can use multiple, ether pre made VOP SOPs or roll your own that you can mix and match to create your look. Also you can use fairly primitive VOP SOPs combined with complicated ones feeding off each other. You can still make your own all in one VOP SOPs or roll your own higher level tools that are not meant to be used on their own but always with other nodes.

Thinking of it this way made it crystal clear for me, since I am good friends with VOP SOPs.

finite element solver: External Velocity Field, how to use? March 22, 2016, 9:50 p.m.

So this was fixed in a recent version….

Houdini 15.0.421: Fixed an issue in the finite element solver that was preventing the parameters External Velocity Field and External Velocity Offset from being applied in a simulation.

Although the documentation of how to use an “External Velocity Field” in a finite element solver is a bit sparse.

Has anyone got a super simple use of a bit of cloth being lifted by rising smoke in a sim, using the “External Velocity Field” in the drag parameters of a cloth object?