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Add CVs to curves March 15, 2019, 7:03 a.m.

You need to be in the SOPs state, both in the network and in the viewport. Select the Curve SOP and with the cursor over the viewport, hit enter. You should see the name of the tool in the upper left tool bar at the top of the viewport

That should give you the curve's edit points in the viewport. Try shift clicking on the curve where you want to add the point.

I wonder if you are running in to the special case mode for displaying objects at the object level where you get to see the last Display SOP's active geometry in the viewport when you select the “Handle” tool, the one immediately below the scale tool in the left vertical toolbar, and getting confused.
This feature is there to encourage users to resize geoemtry after placing from the shelf in SOPs as opposed to the object level among other things.

Hi Jeff,

I have curve cv edit related doubt,

how to select multiple cv's atatime and edit/move/translate them

Looking forward to hear from you,
thank you in-advance for your time and help.

Got the solution appended a Edit sop and made multiple selection with point mode selection, done, made it

AMD GPUs? Experiences? Jan. 21, 2019, 12:49 a.m.

Hello Wizards!

I'm in a great dilemma if I should buy the just announced Radeon VII or an rtx 2070 / 2080. Due to my budget range it seems a great opportunity to grab 16gig Vram for the price of RADEON VII, also I read not bad articles about Vega 64 and its OpenGL capacity (RADEON VII will be an upgraded Vega if I get it right)
Do any of you had some experiences with Vega GPUs? I'm planning to stick with Houdini as my main 3D platform, since version 17 I have been seeing it even as a great modeling tool.
My software pack:
- Houdini
- Maya, 3d Max, Blender
- Zbrush, Mudbox
- Substance (designer, painter)
- PS
- Davinci Resolve

what I want to focus on:
- Zbrush, Substance(designer, painter), HOUDINI, Blender, (PS, Davinci resolve ofc.)
But mostly I wanna focus on Houdini - modeling, simulations, UV'ing, retopo, rigging, animating all in Houdini.

It seems a bit off topic, that I mentioned my software pack, but I can imagine that it could influence suggestions.

- I know I could benefit by using radeon VII's memory
- I do not know how much I would lose by the absolute lack of CUDA cores
- I have no clues, how AMD's drivers work with Houdini
- if I take a look at officially supported GPU list by SideFX, I can see r9, fury 390, 480 a bunch of fire pro, a radeon pro, but I do not see any Vega GPUs. Is there a reason, or they are just not tested officially?

Thanks if anyone can answer who had personal experiences in this question.

I suggest you to ask the same question/doubt in the report Bug/ref for support from the developers or customer support team.
they are fast and quick in helping.

when ever I am doing a bullet sim found overlap Nov. 12, 2018, 6:58 p.m.

got a help note from the side effects help team here is it

The “found_overlap” is a reserved attribute that is used by the solver to keep track of a state, but doesn't really give any useful information to the user.

From the rbdpackedobject help: []

“When the solver sees an object for the first time, it checks whether that object is initially overlapping with any other objects in the simulation and prevents any such pairs of objects from being forced apart. This value is used by the solver to determine whether it has performed this process for the object on a previous frame.”

In other words, this value is a flag to tell the bullet solver if it should perform the overlapping check or not, it is not intended to tell the user if an object is currently overlapping. At object creation, this flag is set to 0, so the solver performs the overlap check, and flips the flag to 1, so in all subsequent frames, the overlap check doesn't have to be performed.

I hope this will help the other people like me who is confused.