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'Houdini server failed to start' error c4d Sept. 6, 2017, 11:27 a.m.

I am having this same issue with R18 since latest update…R18.057
I install the 15.5.632 and it shows up..but trying to load hda results in ominous error
“Houdini server failed to start”
I have jumped through all the hoops of uninstalling and reinstalling and reinstalling server key

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue

Houdini Particles --> Render with Vray in C4D March 4, 2017, 4:26 p.m.

Luke Letellier
I figured out a workable technique using Xparticles as an intermediary. For those who might want to do this in the future (this is with XP 2.5):

- In the Xparticles Emitter, set the Emitter shape to “Object” and in the object slot place the Alembic cache.
- Set “Emit from” to points
- Turn on “Stick Particle to Source Object” and “One particle per source Element”
- In the Emission Tab, at the top, change “Count From Object” to “points” and in the “object” slot place the Alembic cache.
- Add a Vray Particle system object into the scene, and drop your Xparticles emitter into the Particle system group - and you should be good to go!

It doesn't offer the object flexibility that a cloner would (nor the varied shapes or colors) - but it's workable for the time being!

I can probably figure out a way here in Houdini to split up the particles into multiple groups & export them as separate caches so that I can add some color variation.

I have Octane renderer and cannot seem to get it to work.. Not sure if something necessaty for last step that is only Vray specific. Any suggestion? Thanks