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DM 2 Oct. 9, 2019, 11:43 a.m.

DM 2 Oct. 1, 2019, 3:09 p.m.

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DM 2 Aug. 19, 2019, 7:22 p.m.

General changes:
1. Soft Boolean 2:
feature: revamped core and UI
feature: better fillet building algorithm
feature: Smart normals allows to get very nice models without lots of tweaks
feature: faster then Soft Boolean 1.*, despite it always builds normals
feature: added different analyzation modes

2. Insert Mesh 2:
feature: HDA now uses smart normals (same as in Soft Boolean 2), which leads to much cleaner results

3. Geometry Library 2:
feature: models can be saved with materials

4. Lots of HDAs fixes and changes

Modeler 2:
1. feature: Edge Flow can be used modify the geometry by using edges curvature
2. feature: the Push tool now highlights mouse pointer edge, which leads to much stable use of RMB menu tools
3. feature: the Push tool can use the Set Flow node for currently highlighted edge or loop
4. feature: gestures have been added to the Flatten menu. This is a very fast way to flatten components by left, right, top and bottom directions
5. feature: you can now convert selected edges to loops using A+RMB shortcut
6. feature: Align View now works like in 3dCoat. Press Shift while rotating with Alt
7. feature: the Tools Panel now has Custom section. This is a place where you can use custom Python scripts or native Houdini tools
8. feature: the Relax Selection tool, applied to edges, now uses a new Smooth Edges HDA. It allows to smooth selected edges as separate curves
9. feature: more uses of mouse wheel in a couple of scene viewer states
10. feature: Extrude tool can now drag edges in screen space or using Shift and Ctrl for best axis
11. feature: Selector is a powerful quick way to select geometry by features like component normals or vertex count etc
12. feature: the Pick Duplicate Material tool can be used to quickly select material from face and assign it's copy
13. feature: Extrude and MoveExtrude are now combined to one tool
14. removed: Inset tool. Use Shift+LMB dragging in the Extrude tool instead
15. feature: Modeler Menu contents have been improved

Modeler Topo:
1. feature: the Topo tools category, which can be used to quickly retopologize high-poly models
2. feature: use of any modeling tools and project edits on high-poly model with a Project tool
4. feature: a special red cursor indicates that you are in Topo mode
5. feature: native Houdini retopology state tools are now better integrated into Modeler
6. feature: F1-F6 keys can be used to quickly switch between TopoBuild state modes without actual state activation
7. feature: you can draw ribbons and circles with the TopoStripe tool

Modeler UVs:
1. feature: the Topo tools category, which can be used to edit UV maps
2. feature: the UV Auto Flatten HDA automatically creates UV map. It can be used in combination with the Unwrap and UV Layout tools
3. feature: the Unwrap HDA is now integrated to the Modeler mode.
4. feature: you can use Ctrl+RMB or Connect tool (V) to quickly sew edges
5. feature: MMB moving now worls in can be used to transform UVs quickly
6. feature: the Flatten menu (Alt+F) gestures can be used to modify UVs by left, right, top and bottom directions