Here is a new tutorial series, this time about designing an "Action Sequence" in sideFX Houdini and Redshift for rendering.

I always think it's better to study an aspect of CG by mimicking a production context and see what kind of situation you may need to face. 

 I have been fairly limited with my equipment but still enough to create some material I can use as a practical example of production. I must say though having restrictions either with deadlines or hardware actually helps on optimization and finding work around to get things done. So maybe it's for the best... But hopefully find a proper workstation soon. 

Part I - Mixing Motion Capture

This first part focus on the animation side, I can't pretend being an animator, but could maybe give some insights about Houdini's agent crowd system to mix motion capture clips. It wasn't intended to be used this way, but I like to hack my way to get the result I want. 

Because I'm definitely not an animator I bought motion capture clips and model from "Mocap Online" for this exercise, dropping a link in case you would like to have a look : 

Part II - Hero Cape / Vellum Simulation

This second part focus on the cape procedural setup and its simulation using Vellum solver. 

Our established animation is pretty extreme and long, it's interesting to find solutions to make the cape dynamics reacts in a nice way for all the length of the sequence. 

 Part III - camera animation / Unleash Chops power

This third part focus on establishing the layout of our sequence and animating cameras. 

 You can have the most awesome models, simulations... and get it ruined by a poor camera work.  Often overlooked, camera and composition is the key ingredient to successful shots. 

 To dress my scene I am converting first my models into redshift proxy. (Helps memory management ). Then showing different ways to animate cameras. Either by dropping simple keyframes or using Houdini's Chops /Constraints and mixing both technics to facilitate animation of complex camera move.

Part IV - Lighting / Art Direct your Shots

Now that we got our character moving, camera setup, set dressed, cape cloth simulation, it's time to finally focus on lighting.

 I am using Redshift for rendering, but note that I am explaining lighting Fundamentals as well so everything applies whatever engine you're using. (wink to Mantra, Renderman, Arnold, Vray, Octane...)

 I am finding my hdr image on this website : Free awesome high resolution Hdr, donate if you can ! 

Thank you for watching !

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Also more redshift, procedural modeling, shading, environment tutorial available on my patreon. And alot of other perks depending on pledge (discord community access, mentoring, downloads, live Q/A, WIP...)


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