Welcome to The disintegration Effect I The Head

In this lesson we're gonna build a setup to have a nice and detailed disintegration by using a large panel of different techniquesit will be the first part of a technique that I've designed for geometries and rigid bodies simulations.

After a lot of different test, I finally found an efficent and optimised way to use in production.we will see as well how to get cool patterns by using clusters and how to apply them in an art directable way.

We 're gonna make our own solver to trigger the effect and use some exemple scene to have a good understanding about the process.And we will go step by step from scratch to the final renders going through custom collisions, particles, velocity field and displacement.

I hope you will iike it !!!



Florian BARD
BARD Florian

Hi !!

I am a senior Houdini Fx Artist. I'm working on the VFX industry for 10 years, and for a lot of different projects My last job was in Germany at Rodeo FX.  A wonderfull studio by the way.

 I've recently worked on Godzilla 2, Stranger Things season 3 and Call of duty Infinite warfare for video games.


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