Installation Instructions: GoZ Plugin for Zbrush (Beta) 

GoZ is Zbrush's fast file transfer feature. This tool allows you to send meshes back and forth between Houdini and Zbrush seamlessly without having to deal with file paths or extensions. 

Currently the tool supports: 

  • Point Positions
  • PolyPaint
  • PolyGroups 
  • Mask
  • UVs

This tool is currently in Beta and can benefit from your feedback, so post comments here or send me a message !

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the HDA provided
  2. Restart Houdini
  3. Enable GoZ from the GoZ shelf 
  4. Follow the Setup Process in Zbrush for a new GoZ Application
  5. Enjoy! 

You can download the HDA HERE 

Workflow Demo



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