Houdini Game Tutorial - Procedural Fence for Unity

Softwares you will need :
- Houdini 16.5+ (you need a paid license to use the Houdini Engine)
- Unity 2017+

Here is what we will learn in this tutorial :
- First we will focus on how to place the poles and planks
- Then how to place the door
- And we'll see how to export it as a digital asset and create some parameters

To follow this tutorial you'll need to be familiar with Houdini interface.

You will have access the video tutorial (40mins length), the final HDA (compatible with both Unity and Unreal) and a custom package for Unity with the same 3D files used in the tutorial.

If you do not own a paid license of Houdini you can still follow this tutorial : you will create a procedural fence in Houdini that you can export as geometry in a game engine of your choice.



Professional 3D artist and procedural modeling enthusiast.

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