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We've provided some demo files and a build of the plugin for UE4 4.25. The video below shows you where the various files need to go to get you started.

Make sure you're running SideFX Labs release 440 or later for the latest Niagara ROP.

Basic Houdini To Niagara Workflow

Once you have the necessary files installed, this video shows the quickest way to export data from Houdini and play that result in a Niagara emitter.

Creating a Niagara Emitter From Scratch

This video will explore the common modules you need to use when working with data from Houdini in Niagara.

Sampling Custom Attributes

If you want to export custom data to Niagara you will need to create your own module. This video covers what attributes are handled by the built-in modules and how to read custom attributes by creating your own module.