Do you want to make realistic clouds with Houdini? Do you know how to analyze the clouds in nature? Are you still struggling with simulating the clouds in nature? Here it is. A rare tutorial in today's market on simulating realistic dynamic clouds. With a total of 19 lessons and about 10 hours in duration, this tutorial covers the basic knowledge and two practical scene cases, including reference analysis, fluid simulation, scene setup, lighting, materials, rendering, and final compositing.

This tutorial consists of three parts with a total of 19 episodes. The first part is the principle analysis of realistic dynamic clouds, the second is the rolling clouds case, and the third is the clouds sea timelapse case. As the clouds sea timelapse case (6 episodes) is not yet completed, purchasing this tutorial now, you can enjoy 10% off with free case project files. Once the courses are complete, the original price will be restored. For users who purchase during this period, please leave your email to get free updates of the rest 6 courses, which will be coming soon.



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  • DaisySmith 1 week, 2 days ago  | 

    I can't believe that Houdini can make such beautiful cloud effects. I tried to do it with Pyro but failed, because I can't control the shape of clouds. Can you tell me how you guys do it?

  • tmueller 1 week, 1 day ago  | 

    Those are some nice looking clouds!

    • VFXGrace 1 week ago  | 

      Thanks for your watching.

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