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A few weeks ago I uploaded a teaser video on creating clothing in Houdini using the Vellum Drape node by recreating the SideFX example tutorial, but the scene file ended up monstrously large!  I needed to find a way to fit all the content into a Live Stream, so I decided to try and create a different piece of clothing that would still demonstrate the same techniques but in a more condensed workflow.  I ended up making a jacket for the Houdini Built-in character (I think his name is Tommy).  This demonstrates how to create the clothing designer pattern, mimic real clothing pattern cuts for seamless UV's, and attach the clothing to additional geometry for customized shaping.  I'm going to see if I get time to add zippers and some decals to the textures in Substance Painter, which would make for a second nice complementary tutorial to this current tutorial.



Transitioning from a coder to a 3D artist. Houdini was the best option for me after I explored a different number of 3D software applications. I love the procedural workflow in Houdini and how easily accessible the attributes of the geometry are available to the user. This makes it a lot easier to focus on creating a good render and less time wasted on trying to figure out how to access certain geometry points or edges.

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