"Mystic Towers" is originally a personal environment work to dig more into procedurale systems. 

Only houdini could let me achieve such an intricate architecture  while maintenant a non destructive/procedural workflow. 

You might recognize these towers from the Mahabat-Maqbara palace in India, a beautiful piece of architecture with multiple influences such as neo-gothic, indian, islamic... I Wanted to convey an older and taller vibe than the originals, like if these high towers where only visited by birds.

Final illustration :

I learned a lot while making it so I created an in depth tutorial series about the procedural setup of these towers. 

part 1 : Main setup 

In this first video we are setting up the fundamental elements of the tower : wall, doors, stairs, railling.

part 2 : Polishing shapes 

The seoncd part focus on finishing the lower section of the tower. 

part 3 :  Dome  setup

Time to work on the dome, the column of the tower !


I also created Bonus video  tutorials of this series available  for my patreon supporters.

Patreon Bonus video for "Mystic Towers":

- Part 1.5 :  Railing details

- Part 2.5 : Procedural Brick setup

- part 3.5 : Dome details (frames, ornaments, bricks)

... And more houdini tutorials !

Project files are available on my gumroad :


For the rendering of this project I really wanted to try VRay for Houdini. 

I have been using this engine in production for years with 3dsmax, Maya... but was very curious to check out how things goes with Houdini.  

I must say I have been very surprised by the versatility of VRay for Houdini and at the same time it seemed totaly familiar with what I knew. 

I didn't do any tutorials about the lighting and shading of this project as I ran out of time. But still took the opportunity to do few tutorials about this engine. Including one using this project to show Vray's render element which I found really convenient as you can setup your different aovs using nodal system.  

More Tutorials about VRay and Houdini in general on my youtube channel : 

--- Breakfown of the beauty / Fog / Lighting pass :

I hope this was useful, thank you for watching /reading. 

If you'd like to stay in touch here are my socials : 



  • Max_Steven 1 year, 7 months ago  | 

    does the full tutorial contains full setup of the vegetable parts?

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