Complete and comprehensive rigging course for the new Houdini rigging system - KineFX. Learn how to create an advanced reverse foot rig for the leg. You will start from the beginning by learning to properly create, orient, and manage joint hierarchies in Houdini.

You will learn how to create FK and IK setup with proper blending. How to organize your rig network and how to break it down into smaller HDAs.

Walk step by step with the author through the rig debugging process. Learn how to create debug HDAs to better visualize rig data. It’s complete training for people with none to Intermediate knowledge of rigging in Houdini. The author presents a great number of useful Tips and Tricks which advanced TD will find useful.

During the course, you will learn how to use HDAs from the open-source kinefx_tools which greatly enhanced rigging possibilities in KineFX. 


  • patar 2 months ago  | 

    why not for the entire body instead of only doing foot....

    • hektor 1 month, 4 weeks ago  | 

      Good question Patar, This tutorial is more focused on teaching how to use kinefx rater than universal rigging concepts. The leg has all rigging elements which can be used anywhere else, for example, if you know how to rig FK for Leg you can easily set it up for fingers, ears, or arms. The same regarding IK. The extra challenging bit is how to set up reverse IK which is explained in this tutorial. You will learn everything that you need to rig the whole character. Also if you have more or less idea how to do basic rig for a character in any 3d software, this tutorial will help you to transfer that knowledge into Houdini.
      In the future, I will upload more specific tutorials covering more challenging rigging concepts.

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